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Endovascular Services

The comprehensive St. Francis Endovascular Medicine program is part of the St. Francis Heart and Vascular Center, 600 S.W. College Ave. This program is under the direction of Raymond Dattilo, M.D., F.A.C.C., the only board-certified physician in Endovascular Medicine in the region.

Dr. Dattilo is nationally recognized in the field of peripheral artery disease (PAD) and has published multiple publications on the subject in addition to lecturing frequently at national conferences. He is also very involved in clinical trials for PAD treatment. Dr. Dattilo gives training courses to other physicians from around the country on the newest interventional techniques for the treatment of PAD. Dr. Dattilo has been performing peripheral vascular intervention for 10 years and coronary intervention for more than 20 years, and now there is a comprehensive and cohesive program for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, which patients with peripheral vascular (PVD) require.

The St Francis Heart and Vascular Center is equipped with an Accredited Vascular Laboratory with experienced, board-certified technologists and an array of cardiac testing equipment. Sanjay Tripathi, M.D., cardiovascular surgeon, treats patients with venous disease at the St. Francis Vein Clinic. Collaboration among our physicians from multiple specialties at the Center allows complete cardiac and vascular care.

When invasive therapy is required, patients will be treated at St. Francis Health Center. Some of the endovascular interventional services rendered at St. Francis Health Center include:

  • peripheral arterial angioplasty, stenting and atherectomy
  • endovascular (stent-graft) repair of abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • carotid artery stenting

Among other clinical trials, Dr. Dattilo and St. Francis Health Center are participating in a trial of stenting for carotid artery disease (CHOICE), the only center in the region involved in such a trial, which expands the use of stent therapy for patients with this disease.

PAD Prevention and Treatment

It is estimated that PAD affects approximately 10 million Americans and nearly 20 percent of individuals older than 70. The most common manifestation is pain in the legs when walking, which is known as claudication. The presence of PAD confers a five-fold risk of heart attack and stroke to the affected individual, the reason for the increased mortality in patients with PAD. An even more serious form of PAD is known as critical limb ischemia (CLI), which involves multiple blockages in the leg arteries, resulting in a severe reduction in blood flow to the foot. Diabetics are most susceptible to CLI, which can lead to limb amputation if not properly treated and a 25 percent risk of death within a year, according to American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines.

Under the leadership of Dr. Dattilo, St. Francis and its staff of specialized nurses, vascular ultrasound technicians, wound care specialists, podiatrists, endocrinologists and endovascular radiology technicians have the ability to prevent, treat and improve life expectancy for patients who seek our care.

Please call 785 295-8397 for more information on treatment options or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dattilo or one of his partners.

Amputation Prevention Clinic

St. Francis Heart and Vascular Center is home to the region's only Amputation Prevention Clinic for patients with, or at risk for, critical limb ischemia (CLI). Dr. Raymond Dattilo, regional medical director for Endovascular Services, leads the collaborative effort with the Wound Clinic at St. Francis Health Center. This collaboration has helped reduce amputation for many patients across the region, bringing a higher quality of life to the patients we serve.

Please call 785 295-8397 for more information on treatment options or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dattilo or one of his partners.