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St. Francis Health Center
Minimally Invasive Surgical Options
1700 S.W. 7th St.
Topeka, KS 66606

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Robotic-Assisted Surgery at St. Francis



St. Francis Health Center has led innovation in the Topeka area since first opening its doors more than a century ago. Thanks to breakthrough surgical techniques and St. Francis Health Center's commitment to integrating the latest technology with the highest standard of care, northeast Kansans have access to the latest in surgical options right here at home.

St. Francis Health Center has brought the newest da Vinci surgical robot to Topeka to provide the most state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical care available in northeast Kansas. St. Francis brought its first da Vinci surgical robot to Topeka in 2006, and now the third generation da Vinci enables the Health Center to further expand its surgical capabilities to improve patient well-being.

The robot has a three-dimensional high-definition magnification system and provides surgeons with enhanced dexterity and greater precision and control with typical incisions for procedures just one to two centimeters long.

Our Established Robotic-Assisted Surgery Program

St. Francis has physicians on staff who are trained and experienced in using the da Vinci surgical robot for urological, cardiac and gynecological surgeries. With magnification options up to 15 times what a surgeon's eye can see unassisted, the da Vinci's applications allow for more precise incisions and faster recoveries. Patients typically experience less pain, less blood loss, smaller incisions and better outcomes.

Our Surgeons' Perspectives

  • "The quality of the operation is much better with the da Vinci. With the robot, we're able to take the minimally invasive surgery a step further." -Sanjay Tripathi, M.D., St. Francis Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • "This is a great tool. It's a little safer, and a lot easier [on patients]. Patients go home the next day." -Polly Train, M.D., Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis
  • "In a typical minimally invasive hysterectomy, a patient could lose a soda can's worth of blood and have a three-day hospital stay, but with the da Vinci they lose about a tablespoon. And many of my patients are discharged just 12 hours after the procedure." -Cathy Dahl, D.O., Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis
  • "We have performed upward of 400 prostatectomies, and the new da Vinci will allow us to expand our surgical options to renal-sparing surgeries. It really helps with the three C's-cancer, control and continence." -Brad Rupp, M.D., Rupp Urology

The following physicians use the da Vinci surgical robot at St. Francis:

Cardiac Surgery 

Sanjay Tripathi, M.D.
St. Francis Cardiothoracic Surgery

General Surgery 

Jennifer McAllaster, M.D.
Tallgrass General, Vascular and Bariatric Surgery

OB/GYN Surgery

Cathy Dahl, D.O.
Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis

Polly Train, M.D.
Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis

C. Richard Bonebrake, M.D.
Lincoln Center

Urologic Surgery

Brad Rupp, M.D.
Rupp Urology Clinic

Alfredo Iloreta, M.D.
Topeka Urology at St. Francis

Mark Bransted, M.D
Urology Associates of Topeka

Chu-Chi Chen, M.D.
Advanced Urology Clinic