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St. Francis Health Center
Minimally Invasive Surgical Options
1700 S.W. 7th St.
Topeka, KS 66606

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Patti Herin -- A Patient's Story

Patti Herin cannot talk highly enough about her da Vinci® hysterectomy with Cathy Dahl, D.O., Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis, who performed the surgery at St. Francis Health Center in April 2010 with the third generation surgical robot.

"She is amazing," Herin says. "I attribute the whole thing to her."

Before her surgery, she told Dr. Dahl that she couldn't be out of work very long because she had just begun a new job and didn't have much time off. Herin told Dr. Dahl she would take a week off from work, and Dr. Dahl said that when she could drive, she could work.

"She explained everything from point A to point Z," Herin says. "She is so knowledgeable."

Herin's surgery was on a Wednesday, her four young grandchildren came to visit the following Saturday and it was only when she began to run with them that she remembered she had just had surgery.

"It turned out even better than I imagined," she says.

Herin was working from home by Monday and back at work the week after that.

"The da Vinci® system enables me to perform minimally invasive surgery on any patient, helping define St. Francis as the community leader for optimal patient care and outcomes," says Dr. Dahl, who also performs myomectomies with the da Vinci®. "Patients have less pain and scarring and are able to return to normal daily activities faster than with traditional laparoscopic or open surgeries."

Herin, who was 57 when she had the surgery, says she was amazed by the outcome, noting that the only pain medications she took were the ibuprofen given to her by the nurse in the Health Center. She says she didn't have any bleeding or problems with bending or incontinence after the surgery.

"To have weathered my first major surgery so well is a tribute not only to the da Vinci® system but the surgeon as well," she says.

Herin had the surgery after M. Jameel Kyasa, M.D., St. Francis Comprehensive Cancer Center, found cancer activity in her uterus. Herin has received breast cancer treatment at St. Francis' Breast Center since 2007. Dr. Kyasa recommended she make an appointment at Topeka OB/GYN Associates at St. Francis.

Herin says she would recommend da Vinci® surgery to anyone who is a candidate.

"If you had to have any type of surgery and it could be done robotically, I would recommend it, just for my recovery time alone," she says.