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Volunteer Immunization Guidelines

A copy of your immunization report is requested.


  • Two-step TB Skin Test – If new hire is able to produce a TB Skin test dated within the past 12 months, only one TB Skin test is necessary.  If new hire is unable to produce documentation, then two TB Skin tests will be administered free of charge.
  • Flu Shot – during flu season (usually between October and April).  St. Francis Health offers flu shots free of charge to all volunteers.  If you prefer to receive your flu shot elsewhere, you are required to provide your documentation to the health nurse within 30 days.  

Strongly recommended:

  • Tetanus (current –Tdap)
  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)  No immunization will be given if documentation of two MMR immunizations or documentation of positive titers is presented. 


1.)  If new hire’s date of birth is prior to 1956, then only one immunization is needed.

2.)  If new hire is employed in a high risk area, documentation of a positive rubella titer is required regardless of immunization status.  High risk areas include Women’s Center, Pediatrics, New Life Center and Family Medicine Clinics. 

  • Varicella No immunization will be given if documentation of two Varivax immunizations, documentation of positive titers or documented proof of Chicken Pox is presented. 

Youth volunteers (under age 18) need to be accompanied by their parent/guardian to the health nurse appointment as paperwork either to accept/decline further immunizations will be needed.  Thank you for your cooperation.