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St. Francis Health Center
Minimally Invasive Surgical Options
1700 S.W. 7th St.
Topeka, KS 66606

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Robotic surgery with the da Vinci surgical robot is just one tool used by surgeons in the St. Francis minimally invasive surgical program. St. Francis offers an array of surgical options in collaboration with experienced physicians representing multiple specialties. From tonsillectomies and endometrial ablation procedures to bariatric and spine surgeries, St. Francis surgical staff and partnering physicians have experience and expertise to treat patients for just about any condition. In addition to the da Vinci® surgical robot, our trained surgical team uses minimally invasive laparoscopic equipment as well for quicker recoveries so patients can resume their daily activities sooner with less pain.

Minimally invasive surgery is performed through small incisions, sometimes using specialized surgical instruments like the da Vinci surgical robot, causing less trauma to the body. The benefits of minimally invasive and robotic surgery techniques include:

  • Smaller incisions.
  • Smaller scars.
  • Less bleeding.
  • Less trauma, including less pain.
  • Decreased length of stay in hospital after surgery: The average stay is two to five days after minimally invasive surgery, while the average stay after traditional heart surgery is seven to 10 days.
  • Decreased recovery time: The average recovery time after minimally invasive surgery is one to four weeks, while the average recovery time after traditional heart surgery is six to eight weeks. The recovery time and return to regular activities is shorter for patients who undergo robotically assisted heart surgery.

Not everyone is a candidate for minimally invasive surgical techniques. If you are in need of surgery, your surgeon will review the results of your diagnostic tests before scheduling a procedure. Our experienced surgical teams will carefully compare the advantages and disadvantages of minimally invasive techniques versus traditional surgery techniques to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for your individual needs. 

To schedule a consultation to discuss your surgical options, please call 785-295-8004.