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Ebola Information

ebola_imageAt SCL Health the well-being of our patients, communities, associates and physicians is our highest priority, and we are committed to delivering safe, high-quality, exceptional care under all circumstances.

Although we believe the risk of contracting Ebola in our communities is low, our medical providers are taking extensive measures to ensure we are fully prepared to protect and care for our patients:

  • We are working closely with public health authorities.
  • We have enacted extensive screening protocols at our hospitals and clinics.
  • We are providing Ebola-specific hands-on training; refining our procedures and protocols to reflect the latest developments; and practicing for possible scenarios.
  • We have created specific emergency response teams that are working to prepare for and respond to this concern.

Ebola is spread through direct, unprotected contact with bodily fluids. Ebola is not spread through air, water or food.

A person infected with Ebola cannot spread the disease until symptoms appear. Symptoms include fever, severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and unexplained bleeding or bruising.

To learn more, visit our fact sheet: 10 Things to Know About Ebola.

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