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  • 250x250Vitamins

    How much do you know about vitamins?

    Sometimes it's hard to keep your vitamin facts straight. How much vitamin A do you need? What's the best source of Vitamin C? And all those B vitamins—which one is which?

    Take a quiz to learn something different about vitamins.

  • 250x250Anger

    Anger can raise cholesterol levels

    When someone cuts you off on a busy highway, do you pound the steering wheel in fury and shout at the driver? Or do you swallow your anger and dwell on it later?

    Either way, you're not being kind to your heart, researchers say.

    If you respond to every anger-inducing situation by blowing your stack or by holding it in, you could be setting yourself up for serious heart problems.

  • 250x250FitStairs

    Stay fit the old-fashioned way

    Much of the decline in physical activity can be blamed on the modern conveniences that are rapidly replacing old-fashioned physical work. Our high-tech and increasingly inactive lifestyle is also to blame.

    With no more leaves to rake or snow to shovel, people are finding it harder to fit physical activities into their schedule. But it's not that difficult.

    Consider this: You already have certain activities built into your daily schedule. You can build exercise in as well.

    6 tips to stay fit the old-fashioned way.

150x150BeanDipThis easy snack or appetizer calls for only five ingredients: beans, diced tomatoes with chilies, cumin, chili powder, and some cilantro.

Grab a blender and get this easy recipe.

150x150CaffeineIs there a link between drinking a lot of caffeine and osteoporosis? How much does the average U.S. adult who drinks caffeine consume?

Find out when you take this quiz.

Health Consumer

Be A Smart Health Consumer

How to Be a Wise Health Care Consumer

Here are common problems you may run into as a health care consumer, with tips for wise responses.Take our advice and take charge of your health >>

Choosing a Hospital

You don't have time to choose a hospital if you have a health emergency. But if you’re facing surgery or treatment for a particular health condition, taking time to find a hospital that meets your needs is well worth the effort. Start your evaluation here >>

How to Take Part in Every Medical Decision

Well-informed people who play a significant role in deciding how they’re going to treat their health conditions are likely to feel better about the decision process. Make your empowered first step here >>

Get the Most From Your Doctor Visits

To avoid wasting valuable time, be prepared for every doctor visit, using these suggestions, plan your time with your provider and walk out knowing you have made the most of your time >>

Preventive Care Guidelines

Screenings and Tests to Consider

Getting screening tests and vaccinations is an important part of preventive care. Find out which tests and immunizations are recommended by age group and gender. Use these guidelines when discussing a disease prevention plan with your health care provider. You may need a plan that is different, depending on your situation.

Guidelines for Women

Age 18-39

Age 40-49

Age 50-64

Age 65+

    Guidelines for Men


    Age 18-39

    Age 40-49

    Age 50-64

    Age 65+

    This schedule comes from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, unless otherwise noted.

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    Health Content Terms of Use

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    Health News from National Institutes of Health

    Persistent Critical Illness May Keep Patients from Leaving ICU

    5 percent of the millions who enter intensive care units use up one-third of ICU resources, study finds

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