Cardiology Services

Approximately half of all deaths in America are attributed to heart disease, which includes heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and other heart-related illnesses. More than 60 million Americans have some form of these potentially lethal diseases.

St. Francis is dedicated to the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of heart and blood vessel disease.

Cardio Care CenterSt. Francis offers the most comprehensive range of heart and vascular care services available to patients in northeast Kansas, from sophisticated screening and diagnostic tests to advanced medical and surgical treatment using the latest in technology and equipment. An experienced team of physician specialists including cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons and invasive radiologists perform tests and procedures at St. Francis.

St. Francis stands alone as the heart care facility with the best outcomes in northeast Kansas. Our outcomes frequently exceed national outcomes by providing the finest heart care, including minimally invasive heart surgery, available.

Cardio Care Center StaircaseSt. Francis is proud of its performance in the following areas:

  • Mission-driven patient and family care
  • Experience
  • Innovation-minimally invasive heart surgery
  • Best outcomes
  • Accurate diagnoses
  • Clinical and technological advances

We invite you to learn more about the following information and expertise:

St. Francis Heart and Vascular Center
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For more information, please call 785.270.5170 or toll free 866.299.7520.