Accredited Chest Pain Center

Seconds count when you are having a heart attack. It's important you entrust your care with the skilled hands of St. Francis staff and our Accredited Chest Pain Center.

Being an Accredited Chest Pain Center means St. Francis Health meets or exceeds national standards in cardiac care. Patients are quickly, accurately and safely treated using the latest technology shown to improve outcomes of patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

As an accredited Chest Pain Center, the care of the patient with chest pain and signs and symptoms of possible acute coronary syndrome (a heart attack) begins the moment the patient arrives at St. Francis Health or the moment the emergency personnel are summoned to the patient's home. This high-level of care doesn't stop until well after the patient has left the hospital.

St. Francis was the first hospital in Topeka to have an accredited Chest Pain Center. Learn more about St. Francis Cardiology Services.

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