Trusted Cardiac Care

Our heart beats for the health of yours.

We care for heart emergencies and other heart related conditions and diseases, so your heart can continue to beat for everything and everyone you love.

Here’s how:

In every heart emergency, time to treatment matters most. Our Emergency Department has partnered with AMR ambulance services to offer the LifeNet Receiving Station. First responders can send a diagnostic 12-lead EKG from the ambulance so our team of outstanding cardiologists can determine a patient’s care path sooner. When you reduce time to treatment, you increase chances of survival.

Managing heart failure is challenging for both patients and providers. Early intervention provides the best quality of life, which is why we offer patients the CardioMEMS HF System. We implant a wireless sensor into the pulmonary artery to directly measure pressure inside this artery, one of the first places the body reacts to worsening heart failure. Readings are sent directly to our exceptional cardiac team allowing them to adjust therapy as needed before symptoms worsen, reducing heart failure hospitalizations by 37 percent.

ED Accredited Chest Pain + Stroke Center
Our dedication to a higher level of cardiac care starts with our Accredited Chest Pain + Stroke Center–the first ever in Topeka. Now we can treat patients quickly, accurately and safely using the latest technology shown to improve the outcome of heart attack patients. Combined with our recently remodeled Emergency Department, which features a designated senior care area, we meet and often exceed the national standard of care for heart emergencies in our community.