The TomoTherapy Advantage

St. Francis Cancer Center was the first hospital in Kansas to use the TomoTherapy® Hi•Art® radiation treatment system.

  • The TomoTherapy Hi•Art treatment system is the latest option available at the Cancer Center. St. Francis became the first hospital in Kansas to use it in November 2008. Only 200 systems are in use worldwide.
  • With the addition of the TomoTherapy Hi•Art radiation treatment system, the Cancer Center currently provides the most accurate technology and the most radiation treatment options available in northeast Kansas.
  • Our goal is to provide treatment that is individualized to meet specific needs of each patient in the safest way possible.
  • The TomoTherapy Hi•Art radiation treatment system makes full use of recent, key advances in computing, diagnostic imaging and treatment delivery technologies.
  • TomoTherapy Hi•Art radiation treatment system looks like a CT scanner because it is a CT scanner that lets medical professionals acquire three-dimensional images of the body and the tumor. Treatment can be adjusted before each treament to adapt to changes in the body and in the location, size and shape of the tumor.
  • The TomoTherapy Hi•Art radiation treatment system can deliver continuous radiation around the tumors, and its high energy, X-ray beams are much smaller than ever before so even more healthy tissue surrounding the cancer is spared radiation.

For more information, contact the Radiation Oncology Center at the St. Francis Cancer Center at 866.259.9602 or at 785.295.8008.