Support During Your Non-Surgical Weight Loss Journey

Supporting you each step of the way is at the heart of the St. Francis Medical Weight Loss Program. We provide medical supervision throughout your weight loss journey.  Many people have medical conditions that can be monitored safely through our program. Medications that help with weight loss can be carefully added on a short-term basis. We also will provide lab tests throughout, along with blood pressure checks and a body composition evaluation. 

Support Through Individualized Nutritional Plans

Your food plan is not set in stone. As your weight loss progresses, your plan will need to adjust to ensure the healthiest weight loss, with an emphasis on fat burning and not muscle loss. 

Continued Care and Wellness Classes

Your new lifestyle is all about eating healthy and staying active. We offer many low-cost, supportive exercise classes for you to enjoy, such as aqua aerobics, yoga and more! Learn more about our Continued Care and Wellness Classes.