Getting Started

The road from deciding on weight loss surgery to your actual surgery date can be a long one – sometimes taking up to six months or more. Each step is important and ensures you have the most successful result possible from your surgery. We are here to help you through each step along the way. Following are the steps we’ll walk through with you.

Step 1 – Education

The first thing you must do is research to educate yourself about bariatric surgery. This is your moment, and taking an active role in learning about and planning your procedure will help you be more successful. Take advantage of every opportunity you can to learn about bariatric surgery. The best resource is our free weight loss surgery seminar.  Please note that our program requires that you to attend a weight loss seminar before scheduling your first appointment.

Step 2 – If You Smoke, Stop Now

Smoking will increase your chances of blood clots, pneumonia, heart attack, leaks and other complications after surgery. It is time to improve your health and kick the habit now. This point is non-negotiable. Weight loss surgery is intended to help you return to a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is not compatible with this commitment to healthy habits. If you fail a nicotine test after surgery is scheduled, your surgery will be cancelled. If you fail two nicotine tests after quitting tobacco you will be dropped from the program. We understand that this may be a hard task to accomplish, and we will help however we can. You will need to commit to a lifetime free of smoking and tobacco use for both your health and safety. Nicotine can stay in your system for up to 30 days and second-hand smoke can also cause you to test positive, please stop smoking now to ensure that you will pass the nicotine test.

Step 3 – Insurance Consultation

Contact your insurance provider and ask for your policy information and what is covered when it comes to bariatric surgery. Often, the insurance provider will have a strict list of requirements for you to meet before a surgery can be scheduled. If you need help navigating your insurance plan, ask us. We are here to help!

Step 4 – Physical and Psychological Evaluations

There are several requirements before you can proceed with the actual surgical procedure. Patients may be required to undergo a psychological evaluation, medical evaluation, sleep study or other screenings. Insurance approval often requires some of these evaluations to be performed before consideration for surgery.