Life After Surgery

Do you wonder what life will be like after having bariatric surgery? We do not have a crystal ball, but we do have years of experience to share with you. Many patients have successfully lost weight after bariatric surgery, but not without a healthy diet and regular exercise.

What Will Life be Like After Bariatric Surgery?

You have had your surgery; you have made your turning point. What happens now?  Each bariatric procedure has its own recovery time, with some being longer than others. What is important is that you follow the guidelines given to you by your care team and that you recover at your own pace.

Your Diet After Bariatric Surgery

You will have a strict post-surgery diet to help your body adjust to the changes it has been through. Gradually as you heal, you will be moved from a liquid diet, to a soft diet, to a solid diet. Your goal will be to get to three small, healthy meals each day.

The Importance of Vitamins and Minerals After Weight Loss Surgery

Your bariatric surgery has changed the way your body absorbs nutrients. You will now need to take a regimen of vitamins to keep your body healthy and avoid deficiencies.  All procedures will require daily multivitamin and calcium supplements. Other vitamins that your care plan may require are vitamin B12, iron, and multivitamin ADEK.

Where to Turn for Support

Those who take advantage of our support group meetings are more successful by far. You will meet regularly with people who are going through the same struggles and successes as you are. Learn from the journey of others who are on their own paths to recovering from obesity.

The Role of Exercise in Your Weight Loss Success

You will start out slow as you recover from surgery but gradually work into a suggested exercise routine that will help you gain strength and tone as you lose weight.