Home Care

St. Francis Home Health Agency provides skilled nursing care and other health care services at home when you are recovering from an illness, injury, surgery, stroke or other disabling event. Nurses and therapists evaluate your ability to perform daily activities and they provide information and instruction to adapt to your current condition with the goal of you becoming as independent and high functioning as possible.

Services are provided on a short-term basis and many insurances require that patients show progress to continue receiving services. St. Francis Home Health Agency requires a referral and order from a primary doctor or a referring doctor. Patients receiving home care services must be homebound.

Occupational Therapy

  • Working on ways to complete tasks efficiently
  • Adapting to dressing, cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • Exercising and strengthening upper extremities
Physical Therapy
  • Evaluating home and bathroom safety
  • Providing home exercise programs
  • Assessing mobility with stairs, doorways and bathrooms
  • Evaluating transfers
  • Evaluating caregiver safety

Skilled Nursing

  • Assessing cardio-pulmonary and GI/GU status
  • Administering IVs and injections
  • Maintaining and caring for central lines
  • Changing and caring for urinary catheters
  • Managing pain
  • Instruction on PEG/Enteral feeding
  • Teaching about medications, the disease process, wound care, catheter care, IV care, pain management

Social Work

  • Providing information about community resources and services
  • Accessing financial resources
  • Assessing depression
  • Providing short-term (four to six) therapy sessions
Speech Therapy
  • Speech evaluation services
  • Language and speech treatment
  • Swallowing and voice therapy

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