Joint Replacement Center

If you need a knee or hip replacement to relieve pain and restore your quality of life but want to get back to living your life as quickly and safely as possible, you can choose a three-day accelerated program offered by the St. Francis Joint Replacement Center.

The St. Francis Joint Replacement Center's patients benefit from a core surgery and recovery program while experiencing camaraderie and coaching that take place as peers participate jointly in the recovery process in a baseball-themed area.

Designed to get patients back to their normal routines as quickly as possible through intense therapy in a collegial group setting, patients are under the care of a dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists from the time they are admitted for surgery on a Monday or Tuesday until their discharge three days later.

Patient-designated family members or friends are also an essential part of the Joint Center philosophy, lending physical and emotional support as they help their loved ones regain mobility in an upbeat, encouraging environment.

Typical patients undergoing joint replacement experience hospital stays up to five days, whereas the majority of patients participating in accelerated programs like the one St. Francis has developed report both reduced recuperation times and medical costs. Patients accepted by the Joint Replacement Center agree to commit to certain criteria, such as completing exercises to improve range of motion to help ensure their success.

The St. Francis Joint Replacement Center, located on the Health Center's third floor, is a separate, contained unit with professional staff dedicated exclusively to joint replacement surgery and therapy. Patients have the flexibility of ordering their meals from room service.  Posters with important tips are hung throughout the walkway area to reinforce education. 

Patients participate in group therapy which helps to forge friendships and their efforts to reach their goals.  A display board with individual baseball icons like a hat, glove and popcorn box are moved each day to track progress and serve as a visual reminder for how much closer patients are getting to "home."

Other program components include a guidebook binder containing information about expectations, medications, exercise and diet and daily newsletters for patients with tips to aid them in their recovery process. A dedicated pharmacist serves the unit to review home medications, pain medicines and pre- and post-operative medications and herbal supplements.

St. Francis currently performs several hundred joint replacement surgeries each year using minimally invasive partial joint replacements, durable materials and new implant technology to facilitate faster healing and reduce discomfort.
For more information about the Joint Replacement Center, please call 785.295.8380.