Pain Management Center

Helping Patients with Chronic Pain

St. Francis Health is committed to alleviating or minimizing pain in patients with acute or chronic conditions. At the Pain Management Center, patients can find relief through a variety of procedures designed to enhance their ability to resume daily activities with less discomfort. 

The Pain Management Center offers 12 private examination and four procedure rooms. The physicians use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the outpatient treatment process. Typically patients are able to leave within a few hours.

Our Pain Management Center is dedicated to:

  • Spine-related pain:
    • Radicular pain (lumbar, cervical and thoracic)
    • Herniated discs
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Facet joint pain
    • Sacroiliac joint pain
    • Postlaminectomy syndrome
  • Low back pain, neck pain, midback pain
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS) I and II (or reflex sympathetic dystrophy and causalgia)
  • Cervicogenic headaches

For more information about pain management, please call 785.295.8385.