The goal of St. Francis Pediatrics is to care for your child in a safe, comfortable, family-centered environment. We encourage parents to stay with their child while at St. Francis Health. We closely monitor the children and ask the parents to help.

To provide a safe and secure environment for patients and families, Pediatrics is secure at all times. Family members and visitors will need to push the button on the monitor outside the doors to get into the unit. The visitor will need to give the patient's first and last name to enter the unit.

Some of the smaller children and babies will have a special security band on them. The nurse will explain the security system to you upon your arrival.

We want your child to feel safe and comfortable in his or her room. This means that children will be taken to the Pediatrics treatment room for procedures that may be uncomfortable or upsetting, such as starting an IV or lab work. Parents are welcome to come to the treatment room but are not required to go. Older children will have the choice to stay in their room or go to the treatment room. We often use music, television, toys or talking as a distraction during procedures.

The Pediatrics nursing staff members want to be sensitive to your child's needs. Please bring favorite blankets, toys or stuffed animals from home. Children are often able to wear their own pajamas as well. Please let the nurses know your child's needs.