Surgical Services

St. Francis Health offers many surgical options in collaboration with physicians representing multiple specialties. From tonsillectomies and endometrial ablation procedures to bariatric and spine surgeries, St. Francis surgical staff and partnering physicians have experience and expertise to treat patients for just about any condition. Minimally invasive laparoscopic equipment and a da Vinci surgical robot are available for quicker recoveries so patients can resume their daily activities sooner with less pain.

St. Francis has physicians on staff who are trained to use the da Vinci surgical robot for urologic, general, cardiac and gynecological surgeries. With magnification options up to 15 times what a surgeon's eye can see unassisted, the da Vinci's applications allow for more precise incisions and faster recoveries. Patients typically experience less pain, less blood loss, smaller incisions and better outcomes.

Once the surgeon makes laparoscopic incisions and positions the robotic arms, he or she sits at a remote control panel near the patient's bed to review the surgical site in 3-D. The surgeon then manipulates the robot to complete the work that needs to be done. The robot filters out hand tremors and other factors that can affect a traditional open surgery. A complete surgical team is with the surgeon and the patient at all times, monitoring the patient and assisting the robot.

Advantages of da Vinci Prostatectomy

  • Better cancer control
  • Less operative blood loss (200 milliliters versus 1,500 milliliters)
  • Better preservation of erectile function because of higher magnification
  • Shorter Health Center stay (23 hour observation instead of two- to three-day inpatient stay)
  • Less post-operative pain (less narcotics after surgery)
  • Faster return to normal activity (two weeks instead of four to six weeks

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