Getting Started


The first step is education. This isn’t an “overnight fix” surgery. It will take you playing an active part in your treatment to achieve success.

Second, there are several requirements before you can proceed with the actual surgical procedure. Patients often require psychological evaluations, medical evaluations, sleep studies or other tests, which are varied depending on specific situations. Insurance approval, if applicable, often requires some of these to be performed before consideration.

At this time, before an office consultation may be scheduled, we require our patients to first attend a free seminar/lecture, which is held the second Saturday of each month in the St. Francis Auditorium.  This lecture, given by one of our surgeons, explains the details, risks, benefits and expectations of weight loss surgery in our program. At this seminar, an information packet is provided for the patient to complete. Following completion and receipt of all information in the packet, an office appointment may then be scheduled. We require strict on-time attendance for the entire seminar. Late arrival and/or early departure will require attendance at another seminar before a completed packet is accepted for an office appointment.  We realize that this can be somewhat difficult for some patients and are in the process of developing other pathways for patients, including a “Webinar.”