NewLife Center

The St. Francis NewLife Center features a collaborative environment where patients benefit from the medical expertise of physicians and the holistic health focus of certified nurse midwives. St. Francis has long been committed to providing universal access to affordable, cost-efficient, high-quality, family-centered care.

The birth of your baby is a miraculous and joy-filled event. From selecting a care provider, to preparing for the birth, to your labor, delivery and recovery, St. Francis is ready to provide you and your baby with the best and most technologically advanced care available. And, as always, the talented physicians and dedicated nurses at St. Francis remain true to its legacy of compassionate care that has welcomed thousands of Kansas babies into the world.

Birthing Suites

The NewLife Center offers birthing suites in which women can experience labor, delivery and recovery all in one room. While the rooms provide a warm, comfortable environment, they also ensure the delivery of high-quality medical care.

A television is in each room, as well as CD/stereo equipment to establish utmost relaxation. Each birthing suite is equipped with a whirlpool bath to make labor more comfortable. Convertible sofa beds are in all rooms for dads and birthing coaches to sleep or rest.

Additionally, each room supplies constant mother and fetal monitoring. The monitoring systems allow 24-hour observation from the nurses' station.

A dedicated cesarean section delivery operating room is adjacent to the birthing suites, offering convenience for patients having surgical deliveries.

Level II Special Care Nursery

For infants born up to 8 weeks early. If your newborn requires extra medical attention, our Level II Special Care Nursery offers sophisticated support in a warm, caring environment. The Neonatologists collaborate with neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) and labor and delivery nurses in the NewLife Center to care for infants in the Level II Nursery. The NNPs, nurses and respiratory therapists are sensitive to families' needs and encourage participation in caring for your baby. 

In addition, our Level II Special Care nurses and NNPs are specially trained to stabilize a baby safely and efficiently. They will quickly recognize and respond to changing conditions. This also includes transitioning your baby to the well-baby nursery to allow you to experience bonding with your baby.

Parents of babies who graduate from the Level II Nursery will stay in a homelike graduation room the night before your baby is discharged. You will be given instructions by the NewLife Center team about how to care for your infant after you return home.

Postpartum Rooms

The St. Francis NewLife Center has 10 additional rooms for recovering mothers. Five family suites provide a comfortable queen-size bed to allow Mom, Dad and the rest of the family to bond in a homelike environment and offer plenty of room for newborns to bond with their recovering moms, along with ample space for patient care and equipment. The other five rooms offer a comfortable hospital bed and a sofa bed for dads or other family members.

Family Waiting Area

The family waiting area, directly outside the NewLife Center, features comfortable couches and a television for family members and friends awaiting the arrival of a new baby.


The NewLife Center has a multitiered, state-of-the-art security system, which offers multiple precautions to ensure your infant's safety. After delivery, you and your baby will be given bracelets to wear during your stay. These will be removed before you are discharged. Security cameras are also in place to monitor everyone who enters and exits the NewLife Center. The unit is secure 24/7. Instructions for visitor entry are posted near the door to the unit.

Medical Support

As part of our dedication to offering the best care for mothers and babies, we provide the following medical services:

  • Antepartum Services
  • Care for women who have complications during pregnancy
  • Antepartum fetal assessment 
During pregnancy, it is important to assess the well-being of the fetus. Testing can be performed in your doctor's office or in the NewLife Center.


Anesthesiologists are available 24/7 to provide continuous epidural anesthesia during labor and delivery.

Physician and Midwife Support

St. Francis Family Medicine has many locations to serve you and your family for your healthcare needs. Please call to schedule an appointment for you, your baby or any member of your family.

The physicians and certified nurse midwives at the St. Francis Women's Center provide health care services for women throughout their lifespan, from pregnancy and childbirth to menopause for holistic well-being. The Women's Center has two locations to meet your health care needs.

Women's Health Information Center

Find information about your pregnancy, your newborn and many other health questions at the St. Francis Health Women's Health Information Center. The website includes hundreds of health and wellness articles and covers a broad range of topics.

First Days Clinic

The first days can be overwhelming even to experienced parents. The First Day’s Clinic provides a complimentary follow up within the first few days after you and your newborn go home to assist you with your transition from health center to home. A specially trained RN will visit with you and your baby. She will evaluate your baby for jaundice, weight and feeding effectiveness. First Days Clinic appointment may be scheduled prior to leaving the hospital. You may contact the First Days Clinic at 785-270-5072