Pediatric Hospitalist Program

St. Francis Health has a medical team committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive, family-centered care for well babies, high-risk newborns and pediatric patients. Sunil Babu Gotru, M.D., pediatric hospitalist, collaborate with experienced neonatal nurse practitioners and labor and delivery nurses, nurses in the Pediatric unit and primary care physicians dedicated to the holistic well-being of mothers, babies and pediatric patients in a family-centered care environment.

The medical team coordinates the patient's plan of care, including patient education to shorten the length of stay.

The team includes:

  • Pediatric hospitalists
  • Nurses
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners

Team members are available 24/7 to provide delivery coverage and expertise in preterm infants requiring critical care.

The neonatal nurse practitioners work extensively in regional neonatal intensive care units and have many years of experience.