Wound Center

Nearly seven million people in America are affected by chronic wounds, costing the U.S. health system more than $20 billion annually and reducing patients’ quality of life. Diabetic patients are especially vulnerable.  About 15 percent of diabetic patients will experience a foot ulcer in their lifetime. Of this group, an estimated 14 to 24 percent will require amputation.

The Advanced Wound Center at St. Francis Health treats patients with non-healing wounds related to osteomyelitis, diabetes, vascular problems and post-surgical complications. Pressure wounds and lower-extremity wounds are other frequent reasons for referrals. The Advanced Wound Center is open five days a week and services require physician referral. 

When wounds become too large - or for chronic wounds that won’t heal – the Advanced Wound Center can provide care for those patients beyond basic products available to physician offices. Among innovative treatments offered at the Advanced Wound Center are Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy and bioengineered skin substitutes. With the patient placed in the Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) chamber, the body receives at least 10 times the normal supply of oxygen, helping heal more complex wounds.

The Advanced Wound Center is located on the first floor of the Mulvane Medical Plaza, Suite 100, 634 SW Mulvane, adjacent to St. Francis Health. For more information, call 785.295.7979.

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