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Spiritual Care


At St. Francis Health Center, we believe every human life is sacred and that health has many dimensions.  As Catholic healthcare providers, we look to restore all aspects of human life back to health.  We recognize that getting better not only means getting our bodies back to good physical health, but restoring emotional and spiritual health as well. Spiritual care involves the services and support necessary to restore spiritual health.  Whether encountering a medical crisis or a routine visit, everyone can benefit from the support offered through the spiritual care department.  Here you will find information about the spiritual care services offered at St. Francis Health Center.  You will also find important tools that will allow you to utilize the resources of the spiritual care department at your fingertips. 

Contact Information

Spiritual care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a clinically trained and compassionate chaplain.  To speak with a chaplain, call extension 8280.  Your nurse can also contact the spiritual care department at your request.  If you are contacting the spiritual care department as a patient of a St. Francis Health Center Clinic, please call 785-295-8280. 

Schedule of Daily Spiritual Care Services

Mass is celebrated Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m. in the St. Francis Health Center Chapel.  The Chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital near the gift shop.  All are welcome to participate!  If you are unable to leave your hospital room, Mass is televised in every patient room on channel 3.  Holy Communion will be provided to all patients at their request.

Morning and evening prayers are said at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. over the hospital intercom.  Please feel free to participate in this hospital-wide moment of prayer. 

All other spiritual care services are available and scheduled on a needed basis.  Please contact a chaplain for all other services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Request Spiritual Care? 
Everyone! Spiritual care is available to anyone who receives care through St. Francis Health Center, anyone who has family who is receiving care, or any member of St. Francis Health Center staff.  Spiritual care is not limited to patients only. 

When should I call for Spiritual Care? 
Anytime!  Chaplains can be called if you are celebrating a new life, if you feel confused or anxious, if you are asking “why?”, if you have received difficult news, if you are mourning, if you are having surgery, if you wish to receive a Sacrament, if you want a prayer partner, if you would like to contact your spiritual leader, if you have experienced the death of a loved one, if you have receive a difficult diagnosis, if you are celebrating a clear diagnosis, or if you want support and strength.  Anytime you need support is an appropriate time to call. 

Do I have to be Catholic to receive spiritual care services? 
Absolutely not!  While St. Francis Health Center is a Catholic hospital, we respect the spirituality of all individuals who enter the hospital and clinics.  The services offered by the spiritual care department are not limited to Catholic services alone.  We offer a broad range of services from providing a listening ear to practicing Catholic Sacraments.  We have something to offer everyone!

Who will answer my Spiritual Care request? 
We have three wonderful full-time chaplains at St. Francis Health Center.  When you request spiritual care, a chaplain from our spiritual care team will greet you to discuss any needs you may have.  Simply let your medical team know that you would like a visit from a chaplain. 

“I am not particularly spiritual; can I still talk to a chaplain?” 
Of Course!  Along with offering spiritual support, our chaplains are wonderful at listening.  If you would simply like a listening ear, our chaplains can provide comforting support.

What Services does Spiritual Care offer? 
The spiritual care team at St. Francis Health Center offers a wide range of services.  They serve by:

  • Listening
  • Offering prayers
  • Provide devotional and prayer materials
  • Providing support during moments of Crisis
  • Providing support on a routine basis
  • Contacting your local clergy at your request
  • Providing Advance Directive consultation
  • Giving support to the staff
  • Participating in ethics consultations
  • Providing worship services
  • Providing Sacraments and Rituals (including Catholic Sacraments such as Baptisms, Communion, Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick; Rituals for non-Catholic patients can be requested as well.)

What if I am a patient in one of the clinics, can I still receive Spiritual Care? 
At St. Francis Health Center, we understand that healthcare happens outside the walls of the hospital.  If you are a patient in one of our clinics, you are welcome to utilize the services offered through the Spiritual Care department.  We can provide resources and support in the event of a difficult diagnosis or need. 


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